Denim Sizing Guide

Not sure about your size? Follow our handy-dandy measuring guide to help ensure your best fit.  Start with a pair of your own jeans that you know fit you well. You'll need a soft measuring tape from a sewing kit.  Lay your jeans flat and start measuring!  Though our photos show one hand, you'll need to pull everything taut using both hands to ensure proper measurement. Any questions? Feel free to email or call!

1. Waist Size

Button up the jeans and lay them flat, pull material taut without stretching it out, place end of measuring tape against one edge and measure across to the other edge. Double this measurement and that is your actual waist measurement. This will often NOT be the same as the marked size, so don't be alarmed!

Button up jeans, lay flat, pull material taut, measure from edge to edge.

2. Rise

Lay jeans flat, find the crotch seam and pull material and tape taut. Measure from crotch seam to top of waist band. Do not double the measurement. This is your rise measurement. If your pants have a different rise than the jeans you're interested in, find the same rise height and measure across your jeans from that spot. 

This is the crotch seam where you'll start the rest of your measurements.

Lay jeans flat, pull material and tape taut. Measure from crotch seam to top of waist band. 

3. Thigh

Again starting from the crotch seam, measure one inch down. Mark that spot with your finger and measure across from edge to edge of the fabric, with the jeans laid flat and material pulled taut. Double that measurement and this is the thigh measurement. 

Start from the crotch seam and measure 1" down. Mark that spot with your finger.

From the 1" mark, pull material taut and measure FULL width of the material, edge to edge. 


From the crotch seam, measure 15" down the leg, again keeping everything taut. (Do as we say, not as we do ;) Ignore that wrinkle here) Mark the 15" mark with your finger and using two hands,  measure across the leg, keeping material taut and measuring from edge to edge. Double that number and this is your knee measurement.

From the crotch seam, measure 15" down the inseam of the leg.

At the 15" mark, using two hands, pull the fabric and the tape taut and measure edge to edge. This is your knee measurement.

5. Leg Opening

Your last measurement is the leg opening of your jeans! Pretty self explanatory, just always remember to use both hands and keep the material and the tape taut. Measure from edge to edge of the bottom of the jeans and double that number. This is your leg opening. In this example, the measurement is 8" across laid flat, equaling a 16" leg opening.

Using two hands, pull the material and tape taut without stretching the material out. Measure from edge to edge and double it!