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Why We're Nixing Free Shipping

Posted on January 03 2020

We are eliminating free shipping and wanted to tell you why.

We have offered cheap and free shipping, depending on the size of the orders, for as long as we've had a website. The small amount we charge you, the consumer, for shipping has never covered the actual cost we pay to ship your goods. While we were new and small, it was worth it to us to absorb that cost in order to reach more customers. This year, however, every shipping carrier has raised their rates significantly, and we are no longer able to absorb that cost. While Amazon and other large retailers are able to negotiate cheaper shipping rates due to their volume, independents like us do not have that luxury. 

We also believe that shopping online should be the exception, not the rule, because the impact of losing brick and mortars to delivery trucks spewing carbon into the air, taxing our roads and highway infrastructure, and loaded with tons of extra packaging for each individual shipment is not sustainable. In addition, the physical and financial strain that the click-and-ship economy has put on working class people who fulfill the shipments and drive the vehicles (often as contract workers with no benefits) is made far worse by free consumer shipping, as the only way companies can lower their shipping costs is to negotiate lower rates with their carriers, which in turn stagnates growth and creates lower wages for those workers. 

Put simply, shipping is not free. It comes at great cost to small businesses, individual working people, and our planet, and we are no longer willing to accept those things as normal. Our shipping prices are still quite low and won't completely cover our expenses, but by charging you shipping, we are able to choose carbon offset options and invest in more sustainable packaging. By charging you shipping, we hope to encourage you to think critically about how and where you spend your money. By paying that shipping cost, you're agreeing that the system is flawed and it's time to fix it.

If you live locally, you can always use code LOCAL510 to get free shipping and pick your order up in the shop.