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 The corona virus is an unprecedented public health crisis that requires us all to make changes. Our brick and mortar is closed at least until April 7, per Alameda county directive. Our web shop is still open and gift cards will be honored when we return! Thank you!

Corona Virus Decisions

Posted on March 15 2020

During this unprecedented pandemic event, we are doing what we can to minimize exposure to covid-19 in our community.

While we are all feeling the effects of these events, some of us will weather this storm better than others. Small businesses that make up the fabric of Oakland are particularly hard hit and the financial impacts on us will be far more devastating than large corporations. While many workers in the Bay Area have been able to work from home earning their regular salary during this time, service based brick-and-mortar businesses like ours depend upon foot traffic to get by and our paychecks are far from guaranteed.  

We are asking for your support during this time to keep our community strong, and we have come up with some solutions to make it easier for you to continue to support us.

We have already implemented free shipping on all of our online orders and we have also made gift cards available for purchase online. We are not the only business making these choices, and gift card purchases are a really simple way for you to help keep your community strong and send us a message of love and support while we keep our distance from each other.

As of now, we are allowed to facilitate shipments and local pick up as far as we understand. We will update this blog as much as possible to keep you informed of what we are doing.

Gift cards are the best way to keep it simple and pay it forward. By purchasing a gift card from us or any of your favorite independent local shops, cafes, restaurants, yoga studios, or other small businesses you love today, you continue to make our dollars bounce locally.  You’re letting us know you will be back - that you want us here after we get through this difficult time and that you want to work together to keep Oakland strong!

Stay healthy, stay strong, and thank you so much for your support!